Well here we are, already we are half way through January and i’m alreay a bit disillusioned with the whole weight loss thing.

I don’t know what happened at the end of last year but i managed to gain a whole stone….shh dont’ tell anyone though.

I started the new year eating in the way that has helped me lose weight in the past. This basically consisted of eating nothing all day and just one meal in the evening.

In the past i’ve lost weight really quickly this way but this time round it’s moving slowly if at all. I was soooo good last week i was devastated to stand on the scales on Monday morning to find they hadn’t budged.

So as is the modern way i hit the net to find out why. Well you can imagine my shock when i find out that Sumo Wrestlers keep there large shape by eating just one large meal a day!!!

Without boring you to much with the science it seems that if you don’t eat regularly your body will go into starvation mode and stop burning those calories.

So the Sumo Shock has me reaching for those old faithful weight watchers books. I used them to lose the baby weight and they work efficiently for me just maybe not quite as quickly as i would like…i mean is 4lbs a week too greedy? It seems the answer is yes. So i’m going to settle for the recommended 1-2lbs a week.

I’ll let you know how i get on.

Image : www.flickr.com/photos/hckyso/2708042214/

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